Our Approach to Wedding (Photographer in Hagerstown, MD)!

The most important pictures of your life are those taken on your wedding day..... the day you look your prettiest, the day you wear the most beautiful dress you will ever possess, the day you are surrounded by your dearest of family and friends, the day you join your heart as one with the one you love!

However, to find that one moment in a passionate kiss, that one look in a slow dance, the hidden emotion in an embrace, the shadow of a timid smile, or a hint of a nervous giggle - only a professional journalism-style wedding photographer can capture these with his camera.

Photography is an art and so much more. It is about passion and sensitivity, empathy and awareness, patience and anticipation for every nuance and gesture. It is not just the technical skill, but the ability to weave a storyline even while the event unfolds.


As a professional photographer, Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, head of WHYTE-HALLiMAGES (photography in Hagertown, MD), enjoys recreating the love story behind every wedding that he covers, the romance between the bride and groom, the happiness that glows in everyone's face, and the solemnity of the ceremony as the couple exchanges their "I do's!"

For Delroy, being a wedding photo-journalist is not just a profession. It is a passion! And it is a "Promise" that he makes to himself and to his clients that the momentous event can be relived again, and again, through the photographs that he takes.

When it comes to journalism-style wedding photography, the photography in Hagerstown, MD specialist, Delroy, has one philosophy: He wants to capture the authentic, emotional moments that mean so much to you. Besides, he wants to capture those moments in a discreet and tasteful manner. He knows that your wedding is an important occasion and he respects the trust that you and your family have placed in him to document your most cherished memories.


The quality of the photographs you will see in Delroy's portfolio reflects the standard of the work he does.

What many of Delroy's clients appreciate about his work is his journalism-style photography approach to their weddings. He simply and unobtrusively document the fleeting and sublime moments of your wedding as they happens in real time. 

Perhaps the finest testament to Delroy's work is that wedding guests often do not realize that he is there. This allows him to find all of those candid, important, unscripted memories that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Delroy Brings Your Wedding Memories to Life!

Capturing all of the best moments at your wedding requires a keen eye honed to perfection from years of professional photo-journalism experience.

Delroy brings to wedding photography more than 20-plus years of experience in photo-journalism, plus he has traveled extensively throughout Hagerstown, MD to provide wedding photography services, and capturing those memories that will be cherished for generations. Whether your wedding plans include a service at a wedding chapel, other wedding venue, or a garden wedding, Delroy has the professionalism, attitude, and equipment to create the best wedding photographs possible.

What you can expect . . . 

As your photographer, Delroy will attend the wedding rehearsal to better understand the place and the people involved in your wedding. He arrives at the Bride’s house on the morning of the wedding to document her preparations. Where possible, he also photographs the groom getting ready. He remains with the wedding party throughout the entire event; the wedding ceremony and reception until the newlyweds depart. You can download a copy of Delroy's "Photo Shoot List" by CLICK HERE.  

Contact Delroy for Your Wedding Photo Needs! All of Delroy's wedding photography packages can be customized to fit your needs during a free consultation that he offers to interested clients.

Wedding packages and pricing information are available on request.  Please contact Delroy for a free - no-obligation - consultation, and to confirm an available date.

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